hi im dom and im homestuck trash (also i like marvel and sj stuff)
she/her and they/them pronouns please



England and Canada love to use America as their scapegoat to hide all the terrible racism happening in their countries

its funny though. like i usually cry every day but just casually, like a little leaky faucet

today the entire goddamn dam burst

but yeah like im pretty sure crying took up at least an hour of my time today

summary of my day:

wake up late

mental break down

ice cream and rp

Ultimate Species Swap RP



Hi, welcome to The Ultimate Species Swap! Humans are trolls, trolls are humans, and any canon homestuck character not fitting into either of those species can be any other canon species (ex, cherubs can be human or carapaces or whatever!). Please stick to canon homestuck characters only, and add what species you are to your name (ex, human!apocalypseArisen). Quirks are not required for any character, regardless of species, but you may keep them if you like.

we can’t get this party started without you, so please feel free to reblog this as much as you want!

I should probably mention: Ancestors and Guardians are totally welcome! We probably need adult supervision anyways.


the fact that anthony mackie had to more or less beg for a role for like 5 YEARS until marvel had to tell him to STOP is really saying something about this whitebread franchise and their reluctance to cast poc